Jupiter and the Bee

At the beginning of time, the honeybee had no stinger. This left the bee with no way to protect her honey. The bee worked very hard to make her honey. But people were always taking it from her. This made the bee mad. The bee needed help. She needed a way to protect her honey.

The bee decided to ask the gods for help. She took some of her best honey. Then she flew to Mount Olympus. That is where the gods lived.


The bee went to see Jupiter. Jupiter was king of the gods. She brought him the honey as a gift.


Jupiter loved the honey. He had never tasted something so sweet. Jupiter said it was a great gift. In return, Jupiter promised to give the bee a gift. He asked her what she wanted.


The bee asked Jupiter to give her a stinger. She would use it to keep people away from her honey. She would sting people who tried to take honey from her.


Jupiter did not like this idea because he loved people. He did not want them to get stung. But he had made her a promise. Jupiter gave the bee a stinger, but using it came at a price. If she uses her stinger, she will die. The bee would have to choose. Will she protect her honey and die? Or will she let people take her honey and live? Jupiter gave stingers to all bees. Since then, all bees must make this choice.