Louis's Trumpet

Louis Armstrong was born in 1901. Louis was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Louis learned to play the cornet. A cornet is an instrument. A cornet looks like a trumpet. A cornet sounds like a trumpet. A cornet is shorter than a trumpet.

Louis played in bands. He was very good. Louis moved to Chicago, Illinois. He joined a band there. Louis took the town by storm.

Louis moved to New York in 1924. He joined a band. Louis played well. Louis made the band great. It became one of the first jazz bands. Jazz is a kind of music.

Louis made records in New York. Louis worked with famous musicians. But he wasn’t happy in New York. So he moved back to Chicago.

Louis was happier in Chicago. He started his own band. It was called Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five. Later, it became Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven. Louis sang with his band. Louis did scat singing. Scat singing is singing sounds. Scat singing is not real words. It sounds like “Scooby doo wap wap.”

Louis became famous. Louis sang the song “Heebie Jeebies.” Americans loved it. Louis started to play the trumpet in 1926.

Louis went to England in 1932. Louis was on tour. Louis performed all over England. Louis got the nickname “Satchmo” in England.

Louis and his trumpet became famous. Louis acted in movies. Louis recorded songs. Louis played all over the world. Louis died in 1971.