The Train Platform Schools of India

A train platform is where you wait for a train. It is in the train station. The train stops at the platform. Some people get on and some people get off. Then the train moves on its way to the next station.


India is a big country. It has billions of people. Millions of these people use trains to get around. India has many trains and many train platforms. Many poor people live near these train platforms. They have children. The children don’t go to school. The children have to make money somehow. They go to the train platforms to beg for money.


Inderjit is a teacher who lives in India. She taught in an elementary school. She saw these children every day as she rode the train to work. She wanted to help them. So she left her job to start a school. The school was free. It was on the train platform.


Inderjit teaches reading, math, and how to be healthy. She makes the learning fun. She sings songs with the children. She dances with them. She plays games with them. She even makes puppet shows.


Only 20 children came at first. Then 50 children. Then 100 children. The children can come and go. They can leave when they need to. This makes it easy for the children to go to school.


Inderjit’s school helped lots of children. She wanted to help more children. She opened another school. Then she opened another one. Now she has 70 schools. The schools are on different train platforms. She does not teach at every school. Each school has different teacher.


Inderjit needs money to pay for the schools. Nice people give money to Inderjit’s schools. They want to help Inderjit. They want to help poor children.


Inderjit’s schools help many children. They learn to read. They learn math. They learn how to be healthy. They learn how to find jobs. They do not have to beg for money anymore.