Make a Wish

Pippa and Ling stopped at the fountain. They each threw in one coin. “Make a wish!” said Ling.

“I already did,” said Pippa.

“What did you wish for?” asked Ling.

“You’ll see,” said Pippa.

Pippa had wished for wings. She waited patiently for them to grow. She reached her hand around to her back. Were they there?

They were not.

“I guess my wish is not coming true,” said Pippa.

“Look!” said Ling. She pointed to Pippa’s feet. There were very small wings growing out of her sneakers.

“Wow!” said Pippa. “My wish worked!”

Pippa played with her feet-wings. She could hover over the sidewalk. She could move very fast. The wings were awesome!

“It’s not exactly like I imagined,” Pippa said. “But it’s super cool!”

“It is cool,” said Ling. She held Pippa’s hand. Pippa pulled her along very fast too.

Suddenly the girls heard music.

“What did you wish for?” Pippa asked Ling.

“Ice cream!” said Ling. She grabbed Pippa’s hand and they followed the music. “Hooray!”