More Sweet History

Have you ever had cotton candy? It’s like a fluffy cloud of sugar on a stick. It tastes sweet. It melts in your mouth

Cotton candy is yummy, but it’s not very healthy. Too much sugar can be bad for your body. And it can be extra bad for your teeth.

Who do you think invented cotton candy? You might guess that it was a candy maker. But actually it was a dentist!

It seems funny that a dentist invented something that is bad for your teeth. But that is exactly what happened. Dentist William Morrison created the sweet treat in 1897. In 1904 he sold it at the World’s Fair.

William called the candy “fairy floss.” He sold it at the fair for 25 cents a box. People love it. They bought over 68,000 boxes!

William got a patent on the fairy floss. That means that only he was allowed to make it. The patent ended in 1921.

When the patent ended, other people were allowed to make fairy floss. One of those people was another dentist! His name was Josef Lascaux. He called his treat “cotton candy.” Most people use the name cotton candy today.

Fairy floss and cotton candy were originally white. They didn’t have a flavor besides sugar. Years later, they were made pink and blue. Now, you can find cotton candy in almost any color and flavor. If you like it, thank a dentist!