Mouth and Eyes

What would it be like to paint if you could not see? Ask John Bramblitt. He is an American painter. He is also blind.

John lost his sight when he was 30 years old. He was very sad. To cheer himself up, he learned to paint.

Some people didn’t think he’d be able to paint without sight. But he proved them wrong. He kept trying. He found a way.

John uses his hands to feel what he wants to paint. Then he traces the outlines on canvas. He paints a lot of portraits, which are paintings of people. He feels the angles of their faces with his fingers.

John can tell the color of paint by its texture. A texture is how something feels. He uses the textures to mix different colors together. He is known for his bright and colorful paintings.

When John first started to sell his art, he didn’t tell people that he was blind. He wanted them to enjoy his art without thinking about his differences. But he is proud to be a blind artist. His differences make his art extra special.

John says, “art is both my mouth and eyes.” He expresses himself through his art, which makes it like his mouth. He also sees the world through his art. That makes it like his eyes.

John lives in Texas with his wife, son, and guide dog. His art is famous all over the world. His story inspires other people with differences to try art too.