New High Score

Ari ran to his mom’s shop after school. It was time to play Turtle Falls. He wanted to get a new high score.

Turtle Falls was the big arcade game that mom had in her shop. People paid quarters to play. His mom made a lot of money.

Ari saved up his own money so he could play too. He loved Turtle Falls. He loved moving the joystick to make the frog jump along the turtles’ backs.

Ari was really good at playing Turtle Falls. He had the second highest score ever! His name was almost at the top of the screen. But he wanted to get to the very top.

“Today might be the day!” Ari thought. He had been trying for weeks to get the new high score. He did chores around the shop to earn more quarters to play. He practiced and practiced.

“Jump, frog, jump!” Ari said. He moved the joystick back and forth as fast as he could. But the frog fell into the river.

“Try again,” said his mom. “You can do it!”

Ari was down to his last three quarters. He wondered if he would be able to beat the record today. He only had three more chances.

In the first game, the frog fell. In the second game, the frog fell. Ari had only one more chance.

Ari knew he could do it. He had practiced so much. He took a deep breath. The frog got to the other side. New high score!

Ari smiled. His name was at the top of the screen. But he had to keep playing. He wanted it to stay there.