Pancake Problem Solver

Seb and his dad loved buttermilk pancakes. So they decided to make some! Seb got out the flour and the eggs. Dad got out the sugar, the butter, and the baking powder.

“What about the buttermilk?” asked Seb.

“It’s right there in the fridge,” said Dad. But it wasn’t.

“Oh no!” said Seb. “I guess we can’t make pancakes.”

“Yes we can,” said Dad. “We can make buttermilk from regular milk instead. That’s called a substitution.”

Seb’s dad showed him how to mix regular milk and lemon juice to make buttermilk.

“Yay!” said Seb. “Problem solved.”

Seb looked at the recipe. “Dad, did you know this recipe makes 30 pancakes? How will we eat them all?”

“I don’t think we can,” said Dad.

“Maybe we could cut the recipe in half?” said Seb.

“You mean with scissors?” Dad teased.

“No,” Seb groaned. “I mean use only one cup of flour instead of two. And two tablespoons of butter instead of four.”

“Great idea,” said Dad. “You are a perfect pancake problem solver!”