Mary and Carrie were twins. Their older brothers were twins too. Their names were Mark and Clark.

Mark and Clark were great big brothers. Except for one thing. They liked to play jokes on people.

Mark and Clark were really good at playing jokes on Mary and Carrie. One time, they put salt in the sugar bowl. Mary had very salty oatmeal that day.

Another time they put spoiled milk in the shampoo bottle. Carrie had very stinky hair that day. Mom didn’t like that joke at all.

Mark brought fake teeth to school. He scared the teacher. That was pretty funny.

Clark put a bucket of water on top of the garage door. It spilled on Dad’s car when he got home. That wasn’t so funny.

Mom and Dad held a family meeting. They did not invite Mark and Clark.

“It’s time to get back at Mark and Clark,” they said.

“Revenge?” asked Mary.

“Revenge,” said Mom and Dad. But they were smiling. So Mary and Carrie knew it was all in good fun.

“What can we do?” asked Carrie.

The family brainstormed. They came up with ideas.

The next morning, Mark opened his bedroom door. He ran right into a web of sticky tape that Mary had put up. He yelled.

Clark came running to see what was going on. He tripped over a wire that Carrie had stretched across the hall.

The wire was connected to a bucket of glue. It dumped on the heads of Mark and Clark. They were both stuck in the tape now.

Mary nodded at Mom. She turned on a fan. Dad held a basket of feathers in front of the fan. They blew all around. They stuck to the glue on Mark and Clark.

“Revenge!” the family shouted. Everyone laughed. Even Mark and Clark. They were good at playing jokes. And they were also good at taking them.