Snowball’s Big Day

Sunday was a long day for Snowball. First, he had to eat dry cat food. DRY. His humans were all out of the delicious wet food. The kind that smelled so bad. And so very good.

Next, he had to have a bath. Baths were the worst. They were wet and cold. And his fur stuck to his body. So embarrassing. The dog teased him endlessly.

By Sunday night, Snowball was tired. He curled up in his cat bed. He dreamed a cat dream. What would it be like if cats ruled the world?

On Monday morning, everything had changed. Snowball was on top of the human bed. The humans were on the floor.

“This is more like it!” Snowball thought.

He fed them dry food for breakfast. He made them take cold showers.

“Let’s see how they like wet fur!” he thought.

He left them behind when he went out to see the other cats. They were in charge of the world. What a nice change.

Snowball and the other cats raided the fish market. They broke into the yarn store. They meowed very loudly and no one told them to be quiet.

Snowball came home for dinner. He forced the humans to buy wet food and he ate it. He curled up on the human bed to go to sleep. It had been a perfect day.

On Tuesday morning, everything had changed. Snowball was back in the cat bed.

And sitting on top of the human bed was … the dog.