When the Baby Comes

Mom will call Dad. Dad will come home. I will go to Grandma’s house. This is the plan for when Mom has to go to the hospital. This is the plan for when the baby comes.

Everyone thinks I should be happy about the baby. But I’m not sure. Greta has a baby at her house. It cries a lot. It has stinky diapers. When it’s asleep, she has to be quiet.

“You will love your little sister,” Mom says.

“Will she cry?” I ask.

“You two will be best friends,” Dad says.

“Will she have stinky diapers?” I ask.

“Just wait until she comes,” Grandma says.

“Will I have to be quiet?” I ask.

Grandma nods. “Sometimes,” she says. “It’s true that things at home will change. Having a baby in the house can be hard.”

Hard does not sound fun. But Mom says she can’t go back. She’s coming whether I like it or not.

The day arrives. Mom calls Dad. Dad comes home. I go to Grandma’s house. Later, Grandma takes me to the hospital.

“Meet your sister,” Mom says.

Dad lifts me up onto the bed and puts the baby on my lap. I can’t believe how small she is! Her little fingers are so cute. And her tiny body is so soft and warm. Greta didn’t tell me about this part.

“What do you think?” asks Grandma. “It’s true that things will change. But your parents still love you. That will never change.”

I can tell that she’s right as we share a family hug on the bed. Maybe I can love this crying, stinky baby with the cute, little fingers. Maybe we can be best friends.