Birthday Acts of Kindness: The Gift of Food

Written by Elizabeth Harr Pineda and Illustrated by Kaeden Stewart

Kindness makes the world go 'round and kids are some of the kindest humans on earth. Birthday Acts of Kindness: The Gift of Food is the first book in a series of fictional tales about children performing a specific act of kindness.

In this book, seven-year old Alex is excited about his 8th birthday approaching and is dreaming about what kind of birthday party to hold. After careful consideration (and a whisper from his mom) he decides to do something wonderful: hold a food drive! Alex's invitations ask his guests to bring food to donate rather than birthday presents. What a great act of kindness! In the process, Alex not only gets introduced to the idea around food banks, but he also visits his local food bank where he delivers the food, sees how much it weights, and then even gets to meet the director, who shakes his hand and tells him what a wonderful thing he has done for people he doesn't even know. Alex beams with pride when he realizes that his birthday act of kindness, the gift of food, helped so many people in his community. He is now inspired to do acts of kindness throughout his life!

Age Range 3 - 10 years
Copyright Year
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Daisy Patch Press
Grade Level Pre-K - 5th