Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook: Book II: Cave in the Rock

Written by Josef Bastian

The story continues as the Shadow People have killed a Folkteller in relentless pursuit of a Guidebook and its contents. Aaron is learning what it means to be a Folkteller, like his grandfather, while discovering his unique powers, that are far beyond any ordinary Folkteller. His friends, Wendy, Jake and now Eddie Little Bear are drawn even deeper into his adventures across time and space, as they learn that they have some special attributes as well. In the middle of all this, an interdimensional portal has been found that threatens the spread of evil throughout the universe if it is ever open. And the Shadow People can’t wait to open it, as it will give them free reign to move about unfettered throughout the universe.

Age Range 11 - 15 years
Copyright Year
Page Count
Grade Level 5th - 9th