Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook: Book V: The Child that Never Was

Written by Josef Bastian

The Storied Trio’s adventures continue in the Land Down Under with Eddie Little Bear along for the ride. The teenagers are in search of the Master Guidebook, the Book of Books from which all stories are born. Aaron notices that his own Guidebook is rapidly filling up with darkness and fears that he will be overcome if he’s unable to locate a legendary master book and transfer some of the evil into it. On their mission to help a distressed Museum Director from the creatures of myth and legend, Wendy, Aaron, Jake and Eddie uncover more and more about the mysteries of the Folktellers, the Travelers, the Guardians and most of all, the child that holds the key to the illusive book they seek.

Age Range 11 - 15 years
Copyright Year
Page Count
Grade Level 5th - 9th