Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook: Book VI: A Clockwork Thief

Written by Josef Bastian

In their pursuit of the Master Guidebook, the Storied Trio, Eddie Little Bear and other new friends travel across Europe and the Far East, confronting creatures of myth, Apscind - the King of Shadows, and his minions every step of the way. The teens can feel their time ticking away when they learn that the Master Guidebook has been stolen and hidden once again, within a realm that the Guardians are sworn to protect. Now, they must race against the shadows to retrieve the most powerful book in the universe. Through their adventures, they learn of a mechanical map that has been constructed and then separated into pieces. This is the map that, once completed, will guide them to the Master Guidebook. They been instructed to find the pieces by following the 12 Guardian Gateways, marked and protected by a dozen, unique astronomical clocks. Time is running out; evil is growing and the world as we know it may be rapidly winding down to a terrible, final end.

Age Range 11 - 15 years
Copyright Year
Page Count
Grade Level 5th - 9th