Family Pack

Written by Sandra Markle and Illustrated by Alan Marks

A real-life story of adaptation and survival...real-life story of a wolf and her pack.

Years ago, an effort had been made to eliminate wolves from Yellowstone National Park. Recently, conservationists decided to reintroduce the animal to the area, relocating wolves from Canada. Family Pack introduces readers to Female 7 and Male 2, the founders of the Leopold wolf pack—the first naturally formed pack after the relocation effort.

Readers follow Female 7 as she sets out on her own upon her release to the 2.2-million-acre area that is Yellowstone. Without the comfort of her mother or other wolves, the young female grows and learns to feed, hunt, and survive in her new home. Eventually, she crosses paths with Male 2, and the wolves form a family of their own.

Back matter includes more information about wolves, a bibliography, and an author’s note about the Leopold pack and the importance of reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone, restoring the natural balance.

Age Range 4 - 8 years
Copyright Year
Page Count
Grade Level Pre-K - 3rd
Lexile AD620L