Neighborly Acts of Kindness: Visits With Miss Del

Written by Elizabeth Harr Pineda and Illustrated by Kaeden Stewart

Kindness makes the world go 'round and kids are some of the kindest humans on earth. Neighborly Acts of Kindness: Visits With Miss Del is the second book in a series of fictional tales about children performing a specific act of kindness.

In this book, two brothers befriend an elderly neighbor, helping with odd jobs and chores that she can no longer easily do on her own. Along the way, they build snowmen in her yard, drink lavender tea and eat sugar cookies while reading stories on her front porch, and form a long-lasting friendship. The experience teaches these two young brothers about empathy, friendship, and kindness towards others. They are now inspired to do acts of kindness throughout their lives!

Age Range 3 - 10 years
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Daisy Patch Press
Grade Level Pre-K - 5th