Carpenter (Cool Vocational Careers: 21st Century Skills Library)

Written by Ellen Labrecque

Did you know that carpenters construct buildings, bridges, and highways you see everyday? Today's carpenters work with a wide variety of building materials that include wood, stone, brick, mud, metals, plastics, concrete, drywall, plywood, and flooring - to name a few. What different kinds of carpenters are there, and what do their jobs entail? What does it take to become a carpenter? What kinds of technology are used in this field, and what does the future hold for this career?If you're curious to learn more about this high-skilled vocational career, this book is a great place to find answers to start. At the back of the book, readers will find critical thinking questions to encourage further exploration of industry-specific issues; additional suggested books/websites; a glossary of terms; and an index.

Age Range 9 - 12 years
Copyright Year
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Cherry Lake Publishing
Grade Level 4th - 7th
Lexile 890