Food Fight Fiesta: A Tale About La Tomatina

Written by Tracey Kyle and Illustrated by Ana Gomez

"Off to the hills of Espana we go. Grab a tomato . . . get ready . . . now THROW!" Every year, the town of Bu?ol in Spain holds La Tomatina, a grand fiesta featuring the world’s BIGGEST food fight! Join in the fun! After putting on goggles and grabbing some squishy tomatoes, it's time to toss fruit like there's no tomorrow. "WHOOSH! Tomatoes are filling the air!" "SPLAT! Tomatoes are stuck in my hair!" Soon, the entire town is flowing in crimson. Juice flows down ears, drips off noses, runs down ankles, and spreads through toes. And the tomatoes are still flying until . . .BOOM! The cannon is fired, and it's time to stop for the day, clean up, and go to bed, to dream of all of the fun next year.

Age Range 5 - 8 years
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Sky Pony Press
Grade Level K - 3rd