Working at a Bank (21st Century Junior Library: Careers)

Written by Katie Marsico

This title nicely draws readers into the text by imagining a child in line at the bank with a piggy bank, and then explains the purpose of the place: “A bank is a safe place for your money.” Marsico then describes some of the workers, both those working with the public (tellers, personal bankers, loan officers) and the people found behind the scenes (accountants and lawyers), not forgetting to include the job many children will find the most intriguing: the security guard. Appropriate to the target reading level, the descriptions of each job are succinct but give enough information to help students beginning to notice the different sorts of jobs around them. Sidebars engage children with questions and encourage students to ask people about the jobs they do. A glossary, a “find out more” list with two books and two Web sites, and an index are included.

Age Range 7 - 10 years
Copyright Year
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Cherry Lake
Grade Level 1st - 5th