Yes I Can!: A Girl and Her Wheelchair

Written by Kendra J. Barrett, Jacqueline B. Toner, and and Claire A. B. Freeland and Illustrated by Violet Lemay

Like many kids her age, Carolyn loves animals, castles, and building with blocks. She helps out her mom and dad, and even her baby brother. But when Carolyn was born, her body did not work like most people’s. She cannot use her legs to walk and so she uses a wheelchair. But she can do almost everything at school, even when she needs to do things a bit differently! Carolyn shows her classmates and readers how to learn about and be a friend to children with disabilities. A “Note to Parents and Caregivers” by the authors offers more information on explaining disabilities and fostering an attitude of kindness toward others.

Age Range 4 - 8 years
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Magination Press, an imprint of the American Psychological Association
Grade Level Pre-K - 3rd