Leave Some Forest for the Rest of Us! (Code Green Team)

Written by Sylvia M Medina & Courtney Eiichman

When Nature's in trouble, they're there on the double... on the triple... on the quadruple. It's Code Green Team!

Three adventurous siblings, tons of homemade tech at their disposal, and one robotic dog who can actually turn into other animals! Now that's one wild combination.

Takara, Victor and Tiago attend school during the day, but when they race home, they'll devise and execute a secret plan to save the world. And with an environmental activist mom and a news reporter dad, you can easily guess where they get their mission inspiration from. But the Code Green Team has to keep their eco-efforts undercover so as not to alarm mom and dad, plus they have their own "unique" way of saving the environment.

Each episode has the Code Green Team jetting around the world to rescue animals, stop eco-villains, and protect nature's valuable resources... all in time for dinner.

Age Range 5 - 8 years
Copyright Year
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Green Kids Club, Inc
Grade Level K - 3rd
Lexile 720L