Seeds, Bees, Butterflies, and More!: Poems for Two Voices

Written by Gerber and Carole and Illustrated by Eugene and Yelchin

A honeybee and a bumblebee have a chat. A rose offers a worm a bit of its compost. A mouse assures a root of its importance. These fun rhyming poems for two voices are blooming, bursting, and buzzing with personality. Eugene Yelchin's stunning illustrations beautifully accent Carole Gerber's unusual conversations. Together, they offer a close-up view of the plant and insect worlds, with an amazing amount of information about them. All around us, under our feet, thousands of interactions and transformations are taking place. This book gives the reader a chance to listen in.

Age Range 4 - 8 years
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Henry Holt & Company Books For Young Readers
Grade Level Pre-K - 3rd