William Still and His Freedom Stories: The Father of the Underground Railroad

Written and Illustrated by Don Tate

William Still’s parents escaped slavery but had to leave two of their children behind, a tragedy that haunted the family. As a young man, William went to work for the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, where he raised money, planned rescues, and helped freedom seekers who had traveled north. And then one day, a strangely familiar man came into William’s office, searching for information about his long-lost family. Could it be?

Motivated by his own family’s experience, William began collecting the stories of thousands of other freedom seekers. As a result, he was able to reunite other families and build a remarkable source of information, including encounters with Harriet Tubman, Henry “Box” Brown, and William and Ellen Craft.

NOTE: The author & illustrator, Don Tate, is a member of our RIF National Advisory Board and is helping to advise us on our REI (Race, Equity, & Inclusion) initiative.

Age Range 6 - 10 years
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Grade Level 1st - 5th