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Written by Judy Allen

The beautiful gossamer-like wings of the dragonfly make them a compelling insect to draw and study....

K - 3rd

Written by Judy Allen

This book contains vivid illustrations of grasshoppers, describes a day in their life, and reveals the mystery behind how they make their distinctive (and persistent) sound!

K - 3rd

Written by David Jacobson, Sally Ito, and Michiko Tsuboi

In early-1900s Japan, Misuzu Kaneko grows from precocious bookworm to instantly-beloved...

1st - 5th

Written by P. D. Eastman

When a baby bird hatches early and finds that his mother is gone, he goes looking for her. He asks...

Pre-K - 1st

Written by Mo Willems

Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that...

Pre-K - K

Written by Judy Blume

A groundbreaking novel when it came out in 1970, the book discusses sensitive issues young girls...

3rd - 7th

Written by Benjamin Alire Saenz

A lyrical novel about family and friendship from critically acclaimed author Benjamin Alire Sáenz....

9th - 12th

Written by Gerald McDermott

In this Pueblo tale, the son of the Sun lord wants to find his father. He finds him with the help...

Pre-K - 2nd

Written by Lisa Williamson

David Piper has always been an outsider. Only his two best friends know the real truth: David wants...

9th - 12th

Written by Marc Brown

Arthur wants a dog all his own, so he starts a pet-sitting business to prove to his parents he can be responsible.

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Marc Brown

Arthur's whole class has started losing their teeth-but not Arthur. His loose tooth wiggles but...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Susan H Gray

Everyday doctors perform artificial limb replacements that were unheard of only a few years ago....

4th - 8th

Written by Pamela M. Tuck

Mason Steele is proud of his father's work with a civil rights group and writes handwritten notes...

2nd - 7th

Written by Margaret Musgrove

This book takes readers through the alphabet of African cultures, depicting peoples from various parts of Africa using bold and exquisitely executed illustrations and short descriptions.

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Barbara A Somervill

Asian carp have big appetites and can leap out of the water when startled. They were brought to the...

4th - 8th

Written by Steven Kellogg

Alliterative text and pictures present adventures of animals from A to Z

Written by Clotilde Perrin

Readers will visit different time zones to see what’s happening at the same moment around the...

K - 3rd

Written by Anne Rockwell

On a special trip to the supermarket, a young boy helps his mom buy what they need. There are...

Pre-K - K

Written by Dana Mechen Rau

Which athletic shoe is right for you? Readers will learn about the materials that go into athletic shoes and how athletic shoes are produced and sold to millions of people all around the world.

4th - 8th

Written by Faith Ringgold

This book weaves the history Harriet Tubman and her work with the Underground Railroad into a...

Pre-K - 2nd

Written by Ellen Labrecque

Did you know that auto technicians gather clues and solve a variety of technical mysteries...

4th - 7th

Written by Benjamin Franklin

In “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” the life story of one of the most important figures...

Written by Marianna Mayer

Kind and beautiful Vasilisa lives with her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. When her stepmother...

2 - 3

Written by Matthew Swanson

Meet the spunky little girl who thinks her new baby brother is ruining EVERYTHING: wrecking her...

Pre-K - 2nd