Folktellers Universe

Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook


In the Folkteller Universe, storytelling is everything. With their special Guidebooks in hand, Folktellers spin stories filled with magic and wonder. But all is not well in the Guidebook Realm. For there is a dark force in the universe that is driven to steal the stories, gather the Guidebooks, and stop the Folktellers from carrying out their critical work.

Now, it’s up to four teens—Aaron, Jake, Wendy, and Eddie—to unravel the mysteries, close portals that should never have been opened, fight the monsters of myth and darkness, and solve the puzzles to keep the powerful stories out of the hands of the Shadow People. Follow their journey through time, space, and geography on this wonderful reading adventure. This series is targeted for Middle Grades and Young Adult Fiction.

Meet aspiring student folktellers in these video vignettes. Also meet 5th-grade teacher Kim Piccirrilli from Upton Elementary in Royal Oak, Michigan, sharing her experiences piloting the Folktellers Universe with the first book in the series, Phases of the Moon. Kim had her entire class read Book I, then create their own Folkteller-themed short films that were entered into the 2019 FOLKIE Awards School Film Contest. The winning student film, "The Search," may be viewed here.