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Care about children’s literacy and looking for ways to make a difference in your local community? Join the Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) community! We invite you to be a part of RIF’s legacy, building on more than five decades of work to ensure that every child has access to books and the opportunity to learn to read.

RIF’s community is comprised of RIF program coordinators, educators, parents, volunteers, community and civic organizations, and local literacy advocates. Our members are diverse, but united in confronting the nation’s literacy crisis. Our numbers are growing as passionate individuals and groups band together to provide children with the fundamental building blocks for success that literacy provides. Together we can make a real difference and set our children on a path of growth and opportunity. We hope you join us.

We created this web portal, Literacy Network, to provide all of the tools and resources needed for our community stakeholders to take action with us and drive local literacy impact. By registering on Literacy Network to become a member of the RIF community, you will be part of a committed group that cares about our nation’s literacy crisis and is committed to partnering with RIF to take action in your own backyard. As a member of the RIF community, you will:

  • Be the first to learn about RIF’s latest resources, program updates, activities and more
  • Learn about grant and partnership opportunities
  • Access valuable best practices, toolkits and trainings to deepen your impact
  • Connect with like-minded literacy advocates and volunteers


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