Read for Success


Read for Success combines teacher-led read-alouds with opportunities for children to read on their own. The program helps educators model proven reading strategies for their students through themed book collections, provides guidance for teachers to conduct read-alouds, and includes extension activities related to the books. It also supports independent reading through a book distribution element that enables students to choose six books to take home and own. Together, the read-alouds and take home books inspire a passion for reading among participating students.

The program includes:


  • Books for classrooms: High-quality, book collections for educator read-alouds, curated by literacy experts.
  • Book ownership for students: Age-appropriate books for students (6 per student) to choose and take home for their own. Student journal, tote bag and online activities accompany these books.
  • Facilitator’s Guide featuring interdisciplinary enrichment: Cross-curricular activities, aligned to the titles in the book collection, designed by educators to strengthen reading development and vocabulary skills.
  • Educator support: Implementation Guide with program roadmap, model lessons, and more.
  • Family engagement: Resources to extend and deepen learning at home.
  • Literacy resources: Print and digital resources to support independent learning.


Quick Facts


  • Purpose: To support literacy development in children by improving reading proficiency and encouraging a passion for reading.
  • Goal: To increase reading frequency, motivation, confidence, and enjoyment among all participants.
  • Program options: Can be adapted for both on-site and remote learning whether during the school year or as a summer enrichment program. Read for Success can be implemented by schools, after-school programs, and various clubs that support children.


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