Read for Success

Read for Success combines the joy of reading with cross-curricular themes in a fun-filled experience designed to support long-term learning gains. This innovative reading program uses children’s books as informative texts to teach a variety of cross-curricular concepts, such as STEM and STEAM, and delivers measurable gains in reading, math, and science content.

The program includes:

  • Book Ownership for Students—Take-home books for students to choose and own.
  • Books for Classrooms—High-quality, professionally curated classroom books for reading aloud during your program.
  • STEAM Enrichment Activities—Extend the learning from the classroom read-alouds with STEAM-based activities designed by academics.
  • Professional Development for Teachers—Easy-to-implement, online professional development resources for teachers and facilitators.
  • Parental Engagement—Resources to extend and deepen learning opportunities at home, in the community, and beyond.
  • Literacy Resources—A wealth of print and digital to encourage independent learning and exploration.