Read for Success

Program Details

Overall Program

The Read for Success program is anchored on two key elements, both supported with additional resources:

Classroom Read-Alouds
When conducted by an enthusiastic adult with intentional instructional strategies, read-alouds increase vocabulary, improve listening comprehension, build schema for stories, and develop a love of reading. Read for Success provides an age-appropriate book collection, read-aloud guidance and support for educators, and resources to engage children in the two-way exchange that is critical for successful read-alouds. RIF offers a diverse and interdisciplinary book collection to support the read-aloud component. 

The Take-Home Book Event to Support Independent Reading
According to the International Literacy Association, “Ninety-one percent of children ages 6–17 report that 'my favorite books are the ones that I have picked out myself.'”  A critical element for developing habits of lifelong reading is choice. Read for Success provides books for students to choose to take home and own. Each student selects six books and receives a student journal and tote bag.


The Read for Success Program Includes:

Students choose their own books to keep and read at home or in the classroom.
These books are in the classroom and are the core of the instructional resources.
Each of the classroom books includes an extension activity that can be done in class.
A Facilitator’s Guide and other instructional resources.
Take-home activities are included as part of the set of resources in the RFS package.
An implementation guide, along with other resources on Literacy Network provide instructional support.
Book Collections

The Read for Success book collection is carefully designed to balance the literacy needs of all students from pre-school through 3rd grade. In every collection, you will find interdisciplinary themes, a wide variety of multicultural selections, and a balance of fiction and nonfiction titles with exquisite illustrations and photos. 



Read for Success Book Collection 1: Scientific Inquiry
This collection highlights scientific inquiry by encouraging readers to ask questions, discuss ideas, and make real-world connections.


Read for Success Book Collection 2: Social Issues & Historical Events
This collection explores social issues, new ideas, and historic events with developmentally appropriate stories and characters.


Read for Success Book Collection 3: Cultures
This collection highlights a wide-range of cultures and topics – an African American Olympic high jumper, a Mexican muralist, a female pilot, and a hamster with a dream.


Read for Success Book Collection 4: Community
This collection helps foster a sense of community with books that explore themes of courage, self-expression, and the impact a single act or idea can have.

View a sample of titles included in each book collection.

Program Support

RIF provides a number of tools and resources to support the flexible implementation of Read for Success including:

  • Program Implementation Guide
  • Facilitator’s Guide with STEM extension activities for all books included in the classroom book collection (note this guide includes suggested take home activities to share with families)
  • Supplemental online resources to support student books at 


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