Book Fund


RIF’s Book Fund provides the opportunity to purchase high-quality, affordable books for the children you serve. Schools, districts, community groups and other youth-serving entities are eligible to participate in the program.

RIF believes in a grassroots approach to solving the nation’s literacy crisis. The RIF community takes a varied approach to their local literacy efforts which may include book celebration events, creating a lending library, or other book-based activities. RIF’s Book Fund enables RIF sites to purchase high-quality, discounted books through RIF’s online bookstore.

  • Purpose: To support any local initiative or project that aims to impact children’s literacy by providing quality books.
  • Goal: To increase reading enjoyment and frequency among all participants.
  • Book cost: $4* per book.
*Sales tax has not been included in this price. If your organization is exempt from sales tax, you must submit the required documentation to RIF or you will be charged sales tax. If your organization is not sales tax exempt, RIF will charge sales tax based on the address to which books will be shipped. You will be invoiced separately for the actual sales tax after the books have been ordered and shipped.