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RIF wants to work together to use books to help create an ongoing culture of literacy. We offer a number of ideas and resources to integrate the importance of reading and engage children throughout the year.

Integrate Literacy Central Resources

Literacy Central is a great starting point when looking for ideas to complement a book with additional resources or just find engaging literacy activities for parents and volunteers to do with their children and kids in the community.

Here is a sample parent letter you can customize and send home to your students’ parents to make them aware of Literacy Central and the resources it offers to get their children engaged in reading at home. In addition, encourage caregivers and parents to read-aloud with their children.

Literacy Central Guide

Literacy Central Parent Letter

Involve Parents and the Community

Parents, local literacy volunteers, and other adults active in a child’s life can all serve as reading role models. Modeling a passion for reading and good reading habits is a wonderful way to create a continuous culture of literacy in-school, at a community organization, or at home.


Our Read Aloud Guide offers tips to make the most of reading time.

Read-Aloud Guide

Read-Aloud Guide (Spanish)