RIF and Read GR


Motivating Children Through the Super Power of Reading

Date: March 25-26, 2019

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Read GR, a RIF affiliate in Grand Rapids, Michigan implemented Books for Ownership at the Godfrey-Lee Early Childhood Center. The book celebration event was anchored on a super heroes theme which included super hero posters and real world super hero characters – cosplay Avengers - on site. This event took place over two days as each class came through, sat down for a read aloud, and then with the help of the real life Avengers, picked out a book to take home and own. Read GR was able to secure local media and Read GR, staff from Godfrey-Lee Early Childhood Center and RIF national were interviewed for a segment on WOTV4. New anchor Maranda, the women, kids and family expert provided a wonderful platform for READ GR to share what they do and to help drive additional awareness and support. Nine hundred students participated during the two- day celebration.  Read GR currently supports 11 schools and has impacted 3,500 students and distributed 10,500 books since October 2017.


  • A theme can elevate the excitement and impact of an event and incorporating the theme does not need to take an extensive amount of time or additional funds.
  • Leverage local volunteers. The two super heroes, cosplay Avengers, were recruited from the local Comicon and donated their time to attend the event.  They were enthusiastic volunteers and the children were thrilled to shake their hands and interact with them while selecting their books.
  • Create publicity opportunities – the more awareness the more potential donors and volunteers can be part of your efforts.  Invite the local news – they may just show up!
Impacted 3,500 students