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Thank You from RIF

Across the nation, Thanksgiving may look quite different this year. Families are finding unique ways to carry on traditions and make memories together. While 2020 has changed much of the way we live, it hasn’t changed the importance of gratitude for the things we hold dear.

This year, I am grateful for Thanksgiving with my family -- even though it will be a virtual one -- and time spent cheering for my favorite football teams (Bears for life!). I am grateful for little things, like enjoying some much-needed time off with a good book and the laughter I’ll share with loved ones.

Here at Reading Is Fundamental, we are grateful to our community of literacy advocates, educators, donors, corporate partners, and volunteers. Our community network across the country enabled us to continue to deliver books to children in the face of unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic. Despite disrupted learning environments, we were able to provide print and digital books to children to ensure they were inspired, motivated, and engaged in the power of reading.  In a year where so much has changed, I’m thankful that RIF’s mission-critical work has been able to continue and our steadfast supporters have helped to power our efforts.

This year RIF, together with 24.8 million children around the nation who received books and reading resources, join together and give thanks for your support. Please enjoy this special thank you video.  We wish all of our RIF community a safe, healthy and happy holiday.