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Written by Anna Sewell

Told from the perspective of the horse Black Beauty, this story describes being raised by his...

3rd - 7th

Written by Tana Hoban

A book for infants in black and white, the only colors they can see in the first few months of...

Pre-K - Pre-K

Written by John Rocco

Using the blackout of 2003 as inspriation, the author follows a fictional family on a hot summer...

Pre-K - K

Written by John Rocco

What would you do if it snowed for two whole days and you woke up to snow piled up past your front...

Pre-K - K

Written by Robert McCloskey

Picking blueberries turns out to be more complicated than Little Sal and Little Bear’s mothers...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Pat Mora

Children from around the world celebrate a love of reading throughout the year. Features text in English and Spanish.

Pre-K - 1st

Written by Ame Dyckman

A slight misunderstanding between two friends shows the difference between the needs of a boy and the needs of a robot. An endearing story for those with curious minds.

Pre-K - K

Written by Michelle Markel

This book tells the exciting, true story of Clara Lemlich, a brave young woman who stood up for the...

K - 3rd

Written by William Steig

When Irene Bobbin's mother is ill and is unable to deliver the ball gown she made for the duchess...

PreK - 3rd

Written by Russell Hoban

Frances will only eat bread and jam, so her parents agree that that’s all she will eat. Children find out that sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Katherine Paterson

The story of two children, Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke, who become friends. Jesse was lonely and...

4th - 7th

Written by Roger Priddy

A board book for young children that introduces them to the first words they need as they begin to build their vocabulary. Words include boat, car, apple, and banana.

Pre-K - Pre-K

Written by Bill Martin and Jr.

A series of animals parade across the pages of this colorful book as children read about what...

Pre-K - K

Written by Christopher Paul Curtis

The story of 10-year-old Bud, fom Flint, Michigan, who struggles to find his place in the world...

3rd - 7th

Written by S.D. Nelson

Born in 1839, Buffalo Bird Girl, Waheenee, was a member of the Hidatsa tribe of the Great Plains....

1st - 5th

Written by Joseph Bruchac

By the late 1800s, American buffalo (bison) were nearly extinct. Drawing on Native Indian history, this book tells the story of how one man and his family worked to save the buffalo.

1st - 6th

Written by Anne Rockwell

Is a bug an insect? Is an insect a bug? Is a butterfly an insect or a bug? This book contains the...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Isabel Hill

Take an architectural tour of some of New York City’s most interesting buildings. In this...

K - 3rd

Written by Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

In this book the wisdom of the elders is passed on to the young as the story of the Jocko River,...

3rd - 7th

Written by Deborah Dennard

It is midwinter, and Bullfrog emerges fully grown from the bayou waters. He is ready to use his...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Jerry Pallotta

This informative counting book is all about butterflies. Look inside to find out where butterflies live, interesting butterfly facts, and the word for butterfly in 26 different languages.

Pre-K - 2nd

Written by Esphyr Slobodkin

A folktale about a salesman who wears all the caps he's selling on top of his head. While napping,...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Debbie Herman

Carla enjoys making unusual sandwiches, like chopped liver, potato chip, and cucumber combo. Her...

K - 3rd

Written by Crystal Hubbard

Marcenia Lyle had a dream: to play baseball. But in the 1930s, for a girl to do this was a long...

1st - 5th