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Written by Karen Katz

A board book for young children that counts the number of kisses that a tired baby needs before going to bed.

Pre-K - K

Written by Harriet Peck Taylor

In this retelling of a Wasco Indian legend about the constellations, a curious coyote sets out to...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Avi

“Asta’s son” is all he’s ever been called. It's appropriate because he and his mother are...

4th - 8th

Written by Hans Augusto and Margret Ray

The timeless tale of Curious George, the orphaned brown monkey who is captured by the Man in the...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Laban Carrick Hill

Dave was more than a slave—he was a craftsman and a poet. He engraved his pottery with poems that give the reader insight into his life and the time in which he lived.

K - 4th

Written by Lee Bennett Hopkins

A month-by-month guide to special days of the year. Discover poems recognizing holidays and seasons throughout the year.

2nd - 7th

Written by Soyung Pak

The touching story of how Juno, a little boy in America, writes to his grandmother using pictures,...

Pre-K - 2nd

Written by Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley is a typical middle schooler who happens to keep a journal about his life. This first...

3rd - 8th

Written by Doreen Cronin

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be a worm? This diary, written from the perspective of a...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Duncan Tonatiuh

This book tells the story of Diego Rivera, one of the most famous painters of the 1900s. He painted the history and culture of Mexican people on murals across Mexico and throughout the world.

K - 4th

Written by Mo Willems

A book that engages the young reader in following the bus driver’s instructions not to let the...

Pre-K - 2nd

Written by Laurence Yep

The story of Moon Shadow who grows up in China having never known his father. When Moon Shadow is 9...

3rd - 7th

Written by Christy Hale

This book of concrete poetry introduces readers to famous buildings around the world designed by a diverse group of architects.

K - 3rd

Written by Barbara Emberley

This bold and brightly colored book describes in a rhythmic cumulative poem how a group of soldiers ready for battle and prepare a cannon that Drummer Hoff will ‘fire off!’

1st - 4th

Written by Harve Zemach

Duffy and the Devil, a cheeky Cornish play, is Rumpelstiltskin with a twist! Duffy tricks her way...

K - 4th

Written by Ingri D’Aulaire and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire

A beautifully illustrated book of Greek myths specifically designed for young audiences. Readers...

3rd - 7th

Written by Jacqueline Woodson

When a strange new girl comes to her school, Chloe and her friends don't play or talk with her....

K - 3rd

Written by Joseph Bruchac

The story of fourth-grader Danny Bigtree who is trying to adjust to life in Brooklyn. He misses his...

2nd - 5th

Written by Judy Sierra

Old MacDonald is tired of mowing his yard. He brings in a smart hen that helps him turn his piece...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Linda McReynolds

The author uses descriptive words and rhyme to recount the first trip to the moon by three brave astronauts. A great introduction to the mission of Apollo 11.

K - 3rd

Written by Edwidge Danticat

Junior uses his imagination to keep hope alive after he is trapped for 8 days underneath his...

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Audrey Wood

One evening at a party, little Elbert hears a bad word. A little while later, it slips out of his mouth before he has time to stop it!

Pre-K - 3rd

Written by Elizabeth Rusch

From a very young age, Nikola Tesla was enchanted by electricity. This is the story of his journey,...

2nd - 5th

Written by David McKee

Elmer is not like other elephants. Instead of being gray, he is checkered with all the colors of...

Pre-K - 3rd