Program Implementation

Report Your Program Metrics and Track Program Impact

Provide Key Metrics

We request that you report on your activities. After your Books for Ownership program please submit the data on your program activities to ensure we can track and measure the collective impact across all program sites. You will receive an email to log into your Literacy Network account to submit your report.

Preview Books for Ownership Activity Reporting

Help RIF Track the Impact of Books for Ownership

Measure your impact: RIF is tracking several key measures to monitor the impact of the Books for Ownership program for the children we all serve. Please share the link to our brief program questionnaire with the educators and/or community organizers who participated in your program and with parents whose children received books in order for them to share their feedback with RIF.

There are multiple ways to share this link including providing to each teacher that has children that received books or resource support as part of Books for Ownership and sending home a parent note via an email, newsletter, or a post on your school website.

Here is some suggested language to provide to your participating educators and parents to encourage them to fill out the survey with the correct link to the survey:

Suggested Educator Impact Survey Letter

Suggested Parent Impact Survey Letter

Suggested Parent Impact Survey Letter - Spanish