Skybrary for School Resources

RIF wants to ensure you have the resources to easily set up your Skybrary classroom account and make the most of this service. Once your administrator has activated your classroom subscription, use these tools to get your students reading at school and at home.

Setting up your Classroom in Skybrary

Getting Started with Skybrary

Teacher - Getting Started Tutorial
pdf 1 MB
Administrator - Getting Started Tutorial
pdf 1 MB

Sharing Skybrary with Families

Parent take home letter (English & Spanish)
docx 120 KB
At Home Student Activity Sheet
pdf 567 KB
Guide to Adding Parent Emails
pdf 667 KB

Skybrary Explorer Videos

My Friend, My Family

NatGeo Kids

Magical Tales

Genius Academy

Awesome People

Animal Kingdom

Music Mountain

Music Island

Using Skybrary to support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Guide to SEL Learning with Skybrary
pdf 2 MB

Tips From Educators Using Skybrary

Vanessa Fuller, Olympic Hills Elementary