Book Fund Program

RIF wants to ensure you have all the information and resources to effectively participate in RIF's Book Fund Program. Here you will find all the
information you need.

If you still have a question, please send us an email.

Quick Facts

RIF believes in a grassroots approach to solving the nation’s literacy crisis. The RIF community takes a varied approach to their local literacy efforts which may include book celebration events, creating a lending library, or other book-based activities. RIF’s Book Fund enables RIF sites to purchase high-quality, discounted books through RIF’s online bookstore.

  • Purpose: To support any local initiative or project that aims to impact children’s literacy by providing quality books.
  • Goal: To increase reading enjoyment and frequency among all participants.
  • Book cost: $3 per book.

Getting Started


  1. Register and complete a profile on Literacy Network.
  2. Fill out the Book Fund Form. Upon receipt of the completed form, you will receive an email with next steps including information on how to pay for and order your books. Please allow 4 weeks for this process, from the time you email us your paperwork to your book order arrival.

Program Overview

The Book Fund Program provides high quality, low-cost books for children from birth through 6th grade. RIF’s book inventory includes thousands of titles at a discount by virtue of RIF’s longstanding relationships with the nation’s top publishers. Books that normally retail for $5-$25 will cost just $3 each, making each dollar go even further for the children RIF community partners and sites serve.

Easy ordering is offered through prepaid accounts on RIF’s online bookstore. RIF sites can purchase a book allocation that can be used throughout the year and refilled as often as necessary. Sites that are limited on storage space can particularly benefit from the on-demand ordering process. Book selection filters include targeted age group or grade level as well as thematic areas to assist in identifying books for the children being served.

RIF offers free, supplemental resources and activities aligned to RIF’s inventory of titles that support educators, families, and volunteers in engaging children around literacy. RIF offers tips, articles, suggested activities and more on our award-winning website, Literacy Central. Use RIF’s Literacy Central guide to learn more about how to leverage this digital resource to complement your reading activities.


Related Resources

Below are links to three resources that will enable you to maximize the books you purchase to engage and encourage reading among the children you serve. Each resource provides ideas for both in class and at home use.