Read for Success

RIF wants to ensure you have all the information and resources to effectively implement Read for Success, whether in one school, one site, or across many. Here you will find all the information you need to get started. If you still have a question please send us an email.


Read for Success is a research-based, reading intervention program developed in partnership with RIF and the U.S. Department of Education designed to improve reading proficiency and combat the summer learning slide. Tested over two years across 16 states, with more than 33,000 second, third and fourth grade students participating, Read for Success integrates in-school and at home extensions.

  • Tested over two years among 33,000 students from 16 states, Read for Success helped reverse the trend of summer learning loss for more than half the participating students.
  • In addition, 57% of the students saw gains in reading proficiency when tested from spring to fall.

The Read for Success Program includes:

  • A collection of 35 high-quality STEAM themed fiction and nonfiction books for the classroom.
  • Printed facilitator guide that includes standards-aligned enrichment and scaffolding activities to accompany each book.
  • Eight summer books for each student to choose and take home, plus a RIF tote bag and summer journal.
  • Online professional development for teachers to effectively implement the program.

Read for Success Catalog


These are several requirements for implementing Read for Success:

  1. Sign a Letter of Agreement (coming soon) with RIF to implement Read for Success in your school or community.
  2. Order classroom collection and student books (if appropriate to your package) from the RIF Bookstore. (Make sure you already are a registered member of the RIF Literacy Network and have your RIF ID readily available to log in).
  3. Use the classroom book collection and activities on a consistent basis throughout the implementation period.
  4. Distribute eight books per student at the end of the implementation period or at intermediate stages throughout implementation.
  5. Incorporate Literacy Central’s digital resources in your program implementation.
  6. Provide timely program data about your implementation of Read for Success back to RIF National.


Read for Success has multiple packages and implementation options. We highly recommend you reach out to one of our RIF educational consultants to discuss what works best for your school or site needs. Send us an email to get started today. In general, implementation includes the following:

  • Determine the implementation period for Read for Success. There are three options:

    • Full-year in-class implementation, beginning in the fall semester of a school year, with books distributed to students before the summer begins.
    • Full-year after-school implementation, beginning in the fall semester of a school year, with student books distributed before the summer begins.
    • Summer school implementation with student books distributed during the summer or at the end of the summer program.
  • Purchase the appropriate Read for Success package, which should include a classroom set of 35 or more hard-bound books to be used throughout the implementation period, along with the accompanying activities in the facilitator’s guide.
  • With the purchase of the Read for Success classroom edition, each student in the classroom is provided an additional 8 soft-bound books of their choosing to keep, and these books can be distributed throughout the period of implementation. Ideally these books are distributed to students for use in the summer.
    • Student books are purchased on an annual basis for each collection. For subsequent years, new books need to be purchased for new students, but the classroom collection does not need to be repurchased.
  • Determine your plans for pre-implementation evaluation of students’ reading skills and the post-implementation evaluation.


The cost of implementing Read for Success is flexible, depending on your chosen implementation plan. The table below summarizes the various options:

Product & Description Cost

Classroom Edition

  • The full collection of 35+ hard copy books for the classroom.
  • Enough student books for a class of 25 students to get 8 books.
  • Facilitator’s guide

Book Collection

  • The full collection of 35+ hard copy books for the classroom.
  • Facilitator’s guide

Student Edition

  • Enough student books for a class of 25 students to get 8 books.

Summer School/After School Edition

  • The full collection of 35+ hard copy books for the classroom.
  • Enough student books for a class of 20 students to get 8 books.
  • Facilitator’s guide

Depending on the number of classrooms being supported, onsite professional development may be available, with pricing provided at the district level.

Download Pricing Sheet

To determine the estimated cost of implementing Read for Success at your school(s) or site(s) you need to account for:

  • The number of classrooms that will be supported. Each classroom needs its own collection of books.
  • The number of children that will be served by the program.
  • Book distribution event costs if applicable.

If you would like to speak to a RIF educational sales consultant about purchasing and implementing Read for Success, contact us by email.


  • Purchaser

    Read for Success can be purchased from RIF through funds available through your school, or through your fundraising. The purchaser of Read for Success is not often the user of the product, but may be part of implementing the program. The Purchaser needs to identify the Facilitator of the program.

  • Facilitator

    The Facilitator implements Read for Success, either in the classroom(s) or in the after school/summer school facility(s). The Facilitator’s role is to ensure the proper implementation of the program, the active use of the Read for Success materials, and the distribution of books to students. In addition, any pre- and post- testing should be managed by the Facilitator.

  • Students

    Read for Success is best implemented when children begin to choose and read books on their own, especially during the summer months. Children choose their own books based on the books used in the classroom.


RIF National wants to ensure you have the support and resources to effectively implement Read for Success. If you are new to Read for Success or just looking for additional support, RIF offers the following support resources.

Facilitator’s Guide

The Facilitator’s Guide comes with the classroom collection of books and includes supporting activities. These activities further contextualize the books, in some cases identifying STEM-based content from the books that add to a student’s content knowledge. These activities are an important part of encouraging a student to think about the books they will later select for their own home libraries.

Student Materials

To encourage students to pursue independent reading, in addition to the 8 books they get to keep, they also get a book bag and a student journal. Students can explore these books on their own, especially during the summer months, and write observations in their journals. Teachers can then incorporate the sharing of journal entries and book discussions in the classroom setting the following year.

Literacy Central

RIF’s digital destination, Literacy Central, has thousands of free support materials for all the books that are in the Read for Success collections. In addition, the Literacy Central App allows a user to scan the bar code of a book to find the support materials directly on Literacy Central.