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Summer Reading for the FUN of It!

Reading can sometimes feel like a chore to young readers, especially those struggling to develop their skills. When children have difficulty reading, they may go to extreme lengths to avoid even opening a book; but, when they find the perfect story that speaks to their individuality and interests, a whole new world of imagination and wonder opens its doors. Reading Is Fundamental is here to help your child find the magic of reading and give you the tools to guide and encourage their learning. So, dive into these great resources and watch your child’s excitement for reading flourish!


RIF’s newest resource is perfect for summer readers! Skybrary, a digital platform for kids aged 2 to 9, takes children on adventures to distant lands. It has over 900 engaging ebooks and 190 videos hosted by everyone’s favorite storyteller, LeVar Burton. Children can pick their favorite titles for online and offline reading, read-along videos, and more. In the words of LeVar Burton, “you don’t have to take my word for it” -- start a trial and see for yourself!

Reading Rockets

One way to incorporate reading into a daily routine is by making a game of it. When you are at a stoplight or waiting in line at the grocery store, tell your child that you want to play a game similar to “I Spy.” You can ask them to find a single letter, a sound such as “sh,” whole words, or even find the smaller words inside of larger ones on billboards, posters, or magazine covers. Check out the Reading Rockets’ website for more ideas on incorporating reading into your daily routine this summer.

Music, Maps and Food...Oh My!


This is a fun KidTimeStoryTime read-aloud of Tim Hopgood’s picture book What a Wonderful World. The reader sings the tune to beautifully drawn portrayals of the lyrics to the famous song. Children can follow along with the video, and you can use your finger to show that the lyrics the reader sings correspond to the words on the page. Identifying words alongside music can help your child to better recognize difficult words or sounds. Interactive videos are a great way for young children and their families to read and listen to together!


Learn about the real world settings of 10 famous fairy tales through the Google Earth Voyager feature on RIF’s website. This will encourage your child to discover new places, develop their map skills, and increase their knowledge of the world around them and of places far away!


Click through this gallery of tasty recipes with your child and choose one to try together. Involving your child in the cooking process, especially in reading the recipe, helps build their confidence and independence. They are practicing literacy skills and math while helping to make dinner; it’s a win-win (now the only problem is choosing which recipe to try first!).

When your child has exhausted this list, head over to RIF’s Literacy Central for reading suggestions, activities, and many more literacy resources! Happy Reading!

post by Adele St. Martin, 2019 RIF Intern

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