Read Aloud Support

Our Read-Aloud Guide and additional support help make the most of your read aloud time - inside and outside the classroom.

Parent Reading aloud

Read-Aloud Guide

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Read-Aloud Guide (Spanish)
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Sound Spelling

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On the following presentation you will hear the sounds of 45 phonemes (sounds) and see their corresponding graphemes (spellings).

Five Plus One Pillars of Reading Development

Join RIF for a webinar to deepen understanding of reading development. Participants will learn about the five pillars of reading development identified by the National Reading Panel (2000) which are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Literacy Expert Shares At-Home Reading Tips

May 12, 2020
Reading Is Fundamental’s guest literacy expert, Erin Bailey, shares strategies and activities that families can use at home to support their child’s literacy development particularly during school closures resulting from COVID-19.

At-Home Reading Tip Webinar – Suggested Activities

April 28, 2020
Guest literacy expert, Erin Bailey, shares four videos in her webinar for activities you can do at home with your child: Syllable Shake, Mystery Word, Wake up Letters/Sound and Multi-Sensory Activity for Sign Words.

Additional Read Aloud Tips

Below are a set of short videos (thank you to our RIF summer interns!)  that provide tips and ideas on maximizing your time reading to children.

Choosing appropriate books

Introducing a book

Building book background knowledge

Creating interest with a picture walk

Building engagement with showmanship

Testing comprehension with questions