Podcast: Sheetal Sheth’s (always) writing Anjali

A graphic portratit of the actress, writer, and producer, Sheetal Sheth on a blue background.


“I was told over and over to change my name to the point where I lost out on a lot of things. But I never felt that was something I was going to do. And I didn't want to compromise that.”

Sheetal Sheth is an acclaimed author, actress/producer, cancer graduate, and activist. She’s the author of “Always Anjali” and its sequel, “Bravo Anjali” - which are among Raman and his daughter’s FAVORITE books. Sheetal’s stories challenge us to bring our full selves to the table, and challenge a world that keeps that from being a reality.

Sheetal’s an outspoken advocate - with op-eds in CNN, The Daily Beast and Thrive Global. And more recently, as an author, Sheetal’s a part of Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) - a leading literary nonprofit - who is celebrating and engaging kids in the important topic of Diversity. RIF’s hosting a celebratory event on MARCH 2 (“Read Across America Day”) rallytoread.org/readacrossamerica - alongside Chelsea Clinton, Sandra Boynton, Miguel Cardona (U.S. Secretary of Education) and many more.

In a conversation about growing up with a “funny sounding” name - you’ll hear of some of the stories that shaped Sheetal - and so many of our experiences, and how she’s chosen to share a new perspective for us all going forward. And tune in for a “very special” reading at the top of the episode, with some voices you’ve heard, and some voices you’ve heard about...

Listen to the full podcast here.

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