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News 13 partners with Reading Is Fundamental for Sinclair Cares: Bolstering Child Literacy

by Taylor Thompson


WLOS ABC News 13 is a local Sinclair affiliate based in Asheville, NC. 

Nearly two-thirds of fourth graders in the U.S. have struggled to read at grade level, and simply having access to books helps children have the opportunity to be more successful in school and beyond. 

News 13 is celebrating National Reading Month and has partnered with Reading is Fundamental and our parent company, Sinclair, for Sinclair Cares: Supporting Children’s Literacy. 

The kids in Ms. Lisa Klingel’s Pre-K class at Isaac Dickson Elementary School have been learning the importance of reading at a young age. 

One child said that their favorite part of reading is learning new things. Another added that reading is a big part of their time at home and that their parents and older siblings help teach them. 

“My favorite part about reading is reading the title page,” another student expressed. 

Susanna Smith, Asheville City Schools preschool director, has worked in education for the last 27 years. 

“It’s very rewarding and I always say it’s one of the most rewarding jobs, it’s a challenging job, every day's a different day,” she expressed. 

Smith said that seeing the smiles on students’ faces always makes it worth it. 

“When you enter a classroom and get a big hug or a big smile or a child gains a new skill it’s the most rewarding thing,” she said. 

Smith said she believes learning to read at a young age is vital. 

“Starting reading early helps to teach children language, language that they may not otherwise hear in the natural world,” she said. 

She expressed how it can also teach them empathy, and that they're able to learn about emotions through books. 

It can also help to grow the bond between a child and their caregiver when they read together. 

Smith said she is hopeful to be a part of the impact on these kids as they grow up. 

“To give them the skills that they need to get strong foundations so that they can be lifelong learners,” she said. 

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