Corporate Partner Spotlight: Trane Technologies

Reading Is Fundamental’s (RIF’s) partnership with Trane Technologies focuses on our joint mission of advancing the power of literacy and creating sustainable futures for all. 

Trane employees RIF volunteers for literacy

A partnership with big impact

RIF joined forces with Trane Technologies, a global climate innovator, to deliver on our shared mission to support children’s literacy and empower children through reading. We are meeting this mission every day with reading content that help children understand their planet and inspire them to care for it, implementation of our Read for Success program, and a variety of Trane employee engagement opportunities.


Students reached through this critical literacy partnership.


Books and reading resources provided to students nationwide.


Total locations where employees supported the creation and distribution of RIF literacy kits in 2022. 

Creating a sustainable future, together 

Trane Technologies and RIF have focused on a three-pronged partnership. Together, we created the Sustainable Futures Center housed on RIF’s free book resource website, Literacy Central, supported RIF’s research-backed reading program Read for Success (RFS) in critical target markets, and implemented Trane employee volunteer opportunities to support literacy in their local communities. All three components of the partnership have the overarching goal of building a solid literacy foundation and supporting students in understanding their planet, inspiring them to care for it both now and in the future through the power of books.  


Trane and RIF thank you card from children

Trane employees in 20 locations volunteered their time to support the creation of literacy kits that were distributed to 11,000 students with books and resources to inspire the joy of reading in children. 

RIF Board of Directors member and Trane Technologies executive, Michelle Murphy, wrote a guest post on RIF’s blog, sharing the importance of our work together to further Trane’s commitment to inspiring a passion for reading.  


3 boys outside reading books

This year marked the launch of the Trane Sustainable Futures Center on Literacy Central, RIF’s free online destination for book resources. This Center is anchored on four important environmental themes with supplementary book suggestions and tools for educators and families. It has had over 20,000 page views since it launched. 

Another key component of our Trane Technologies corporate partnership included supporting the RIF Read for Success program in 6 elementary schools. This ultimately provided 600 students in under-resourced communities with 6 new books and resources each, book collections for their classrooms, and professional development for their educators.    

Additionally, we created a volunteer opportunity for Trane Technologies employees. This included the development of Q&A style videos, where Trane employees shared their experience and skills by answering student questions around the environment, sustainability, climate solutions, and STEM careers. These informative and inspiring videos were shared with classrooms in Trane’s communities across the country and are available to view on-demand. 

Champions for a culture of literacy

We tackle the literacy crisis by inspiring a joy of reading—a critical element to not only driving reading engagement, motivation, and frequency, but to developing reading proficiency—because if we create a foundation of joy for children, then development, discovery, and opportunity follow.

Deidra Parish Williams headshot Trane Technologies corporate RIF partner

We’re laser focused on underrepresented students. Education is our main focus, and the foundation of literacy must happen for the students to get into the next phase of learning—experiential learning—and all the things related to STEM.

Deidra Parrish Williams
Global Corporate Citizenship Leader
Trane Technologies

The power of partnership

Reading Is Fundamental is grateful to our corporate partners, whose commitment to tackling the literacy crisis means that more children will become skilled readers, the foundation for discovery, growth, and opportunity. Thank you for making this important work possible. 

The impact that Trane Technologies and RIF have had together in reaching thousands of children through bridging the gap between literacy and STEM has exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the support of Trane Technologies and their remarkable employee volunteers, we have supported children in historically under-resourced communities. Literacy challenges in elementary school are among the leading causes for children to struggle with STEM. Our partnership is addressing this issue by connecting children with the power of books to help them understand their planet and inspire them to care for it, now and in the future.

Rachel Madewell
Senior Vice President, Development
Reading Is Fundamental

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Ways to partner

There are many ways your organization can get involved with RIF! Explore how your company can support children’s literacy through a custom corporate partnership.